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Positive Thoughts Create Positive Outcomes


Success breeds success, as the saying goes. No matter what your profession positive energy and thinking will promote positive outcomes. Easier said than done. It takes practice to be positive. You donít wake-up one day and say ďIím going to only think positive thoughtsĒ. Itís a conscience choice, a plan to implement positive thoughts. Seldom does positive thinking happen by chance, it usually takes something to motive positive thoughts into actions to get positive outcomes.


Find a successful person and you will find a person who understands the power of positive beliefs and thinking. Positive thinking has saved thousands of lives, created every great invention, and moved millions to peaceful outcomes.


Look at your circle of friends, when you gather does everyone sit and complain about how bad things are, their lives, their jobs, their relationships. Do they blame everything and everyone for their failures? Itís the governments fault, their bosses fault, their spouse, and so on. If you want to be successful you must start by removing yourself from these negative people. The term ďmisery loves companyĒ is true. If you come back ten years later after leaving these people, you will see nothing has changed, if you stay nothing will change.


Separate yourself from negative thinking people, your health and life may depend on you limiting your exposure to such things. Even people and events that are negative in nature will do harm. The crowd mentality can be infectious, for good or bad. Have you ever worked in a department or office where the leadership is upbeat, positive, giving Kudos and complements daily? Everyone enjoys their work, their work performance is at a high level and they donít get as sick. New and creative ideas come from positive work environments.


If you are a department manager looking to improve your departmentís performance, a positive environment is imperative. Have you ever seen an animal that has been mistreated, bombarded with negativity, yelled at and confined? People, employees and family respond with similar reactions to extended negative treatment. Is their tail between their legs, or is it up in the air waving with confidence? Confident, positive thinkers are more productive, creative and happier. Happier children get better grades.


Donít confuse arrogance with a positive attitude, or positive thinking. Arrogant people seldom have a plan and often their arrogance sends them to failure. Arrogant people tend to be abusive, limit your exposure to arrogant people, they are a cancer that will destroy relationships and businesses. Positive thinking people formulate plans, take positive actions based on goal setting. Positive people will look confident but not conceited or arrogant. They want to help others with positive motivation and influence. Being positive takes training yourself to believe you will be, and are successful. Daily positive self-talk helps, reading books and articles from positive thinkers will keep you motivated.


Start by looking in the mirror, tell yourself you will be successful, you will be happy. Set goals to remove the negatives from your life. You must be persistent and consistent, this must be a daily ritual.   


There are hundreds of books, here are a couple to help you start.


Think Like a Winner! By Dr. Walter Doyle Staples

What To Say When You Talk To Your Self, By Shad Helmstetter,


Phillip Day, President

Academy of Financial Literacy, Inc


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