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Looking for a Job, Create One!


“According to the Brookings Institution, 7 million — or 12 percent — of prime working-age men in the U.S. are neither working nor looking for a job.” Specifically men ages 25 to 54. Too many are in our social safety net collecting “Disability” checks which has become a “get of our jail card” for many to sit at home collecting a small stipend to survive.


There are many opinions and angles to our current welfare society. We can’t ignore the facts that show many are not working. Some do want to work but may lack skills, education, motivation or opportunity. There hasn’t been a lot of talk about creating your own job opportunity through self-reliance of creating your own income.


Taking stock of your talents or what you can offer may sound simple, but for many it’s not. If you don’t recognize your skills or talents, speak with friends or family you trust about what they see as your special skills or talents. You may be great with numbers and always got an (A) in Math, English, Music or even sports. You may, or may not have certifications in these areas but still understand more than many teaching in these areas. Consider offering your help to students or others for a fee, with full disclosure of your skill level and disclose your certifications.


Are you great with your hands? Can you change oil in a car? Can you fix a computer, printer or other office equipment? Can you lay tile, landscaping, paint a house? Can you weld, repair gates, fences, or work with wood?  Many would be surprised their skills can create great opportunity. You may not see it as great opportunity because at first the income is very small. This is true about every business, they all start small. Never believe it’s not possible. Don’t listen to the “Woe is me” friends who will tell you it will never work. Word of mouth can spread fast, soon many are calling you for your expertise.


There was a housing boom in at the turn of our last century, thousands of new homes were built across the country. These homes are now over fifteen years old needing TLC and repairs. Think and look at your area for opportunities, never overlook the obvious. There are opportunities everywhere, you just need to look and believe in yourself. There are always obstacles, always. Every person that has ever started, created or had an idea is faced with obstacles, learn to deal with this, you’re not the first or only person facing barriers, everyone has!


There are small business groups that meet weekly or monthly. Sit in and listen, you may hear something that is an opportunity. Look to solve problems others may have, you may have the solution.  Maybe you find a mentor there, someone to motivate and give you feedback.


Advertising yourself today is easy, free and better than ever before. The internet is free, advertising on the internet is free. Your local library is a great place to start. If you do come up with a great idea be cautious who you share it with. You’re looking for positive feedback and help, not someone to squash your ideas and crush your motivation and confidence. Be aware others will steel your ideas also. There are many good books to help you on your journey. We have listed them before but one of our favorites is Think Like A Winner! By Dr. Walter Doyle Staples.


To paraphrase what a wise man once said: “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Albert Einstein


Get started today, put pencil to paper. Start creating and building your future.






Phillip Day, President

Academy of Financial Literacy, Inc


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