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Your Wireless Plan, Does it Own You?


One common overspending category we see daily is the cell phone bill. Itís not uncommon, but normal to see a household spending 4 to5 percent of their monthly budget on the monthly cell phone bill; yes, 5 percent.


The cost of the latest and greatest smart phone is now the same cost as a good lap-top. The wireless companies make it so easy to put the cost of the phone on the monthly bill. In a household of five itís common to see monthly payments for three smart phones on the bill. A new smart phone can cost over $500 for the latest popular brands, Crazy! With all the features of a smart phone, itís easy to get trapped into using a cell phone as a computing device instead of a communication device, the wireless companies are betting on this. They make millions of extra revenues from people over using their cell phone as a computer. In most cases it would be more cost effective to do your computing on an actual computer and not a Cell Phone.


Parents, get control of your teenagerís cell phone usage. Data and data overages are a budget killer. You should review your wireless account in detail. See who and which device is being abused. Itís not a toy, a gaming device or a camera, itís a telephone! Todayís wireless companies offer many incentives, plans and ways to reduce your wireless bill. Get serious about your cell phone bill. For a teenagers first phone never get the new expensive phone they are begging for. They all want to show-off their new $500 phone. They will drop it, lose it, over use it and miss use it. Be wise, remember the difference between a $150 bill and a $300 monthly bill is $150. Thatís $1800 per year and $9000 after five years. Yes, people let this bill creep, and soon its $300 or higher per month.


Use your wireless plans data controls to provide data and usage alerts. Set these alerts on each device or your plan. Review your monthly usage, look for ways to reduce your plan without accruing overages. Itís easy to have four smart phones with unlimited text and talk with 2-4 GB of data for around $150 per month with a major career. If you are using more data you need to evaluate your data usage and shift data usage to your laptop or desktop for free. If you canít afford the phone donít put it on your bill. Build savings and purchase (pay in full) what you can afford.


You may consider a prepay option. Most of the major wireless providers offer a prepay plan. This may be a cost saving option for your household. Before you change wireless providers be sure to check reviews on coverage in your area. Donít ask the provider, they all say their coverage is the best in your area. Independent reviews and friends will be your best feedback.  Donít make a change to save money and then find out you canít use your phone because of no coverage.


Every baby-boomer remembers the one-line rotary telephone that every household had for communications. The bill was seldom over $25. Yes, a smart phone has GPS and many other great features that can enhance your daily life, but at what cost.


Analyze what you and your familyís needs are. Do you really need the new $600 smart phone to send a text, take a picture, or find Pokťmon?





Phillip Day, President


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