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Change Creates Profit Opportunities


Every two and four years America has elections that create profit opportunities. Some elections more than others. As the new leadership works on recreating the wheel. There will be many profit opportunities for those who pay attention and take action. Are you prepared and ready to profit from these changes?


There will be many changes in the next several years. Some we are aware of and others will be surprises. You will need to watch, listen and act. There will be many new laws and bills written and passed, some will require new businesses, services or changes to old businesses, some changes you may want to invest in.


Example: Healthcare, Medical, Prescriptions, Timber Industry, Oil Industry, Coal, Natural Gas, Prisons, Construction and many more. Many of the opportunities for profit may come from investing, creating a new business, or service. We know there will be plenty of budget cuts or increases in many different industries, good or bad isnít the point, the point is how will you profit from these changes?


Pay attention to new bills and laws passed at your State level as well. Many States passed propositions that create profit opportunity. You will need to read the details and find key opportunities. These changes can be subtle or hidden. Many times professional trade organizations have legal staff that specialize in finding these profit opportunities. Be sure to read their updates, blogs and news articles. Will there be changes to Banking laws, Consumer Rights, Real Estate or Mortgage laws?


The last administration made many changes that created profit opportunities. Funding for Renewable Energy, Healthcare, Mortgages, Housing, and Consumer Rights Laws. These are a few examples that were new profit opportunities.


What is the new Federal budget going to look like? Will there be areas of increased spending you can find profit from? Will there be spending cuts or increases to Military, Roads, Space, Infrastructure, Renewable Energy, Prisons. Are you invested in sectors that may see expansion, new grant or venture capital money for State and Federal contracts? Are you invested in a sector that may see significate laws changed to restrict or expand business, or change how business has been done? Can you profit from these changes. Maybe you just want to protect your assets from loss due to new law changes.


Everyone will have their own view of what they expect to see. The point is are you prepared, have you made plans to profit. Many times we see laws change in industry sectors that have a big impact. Will changes to the Dodd Frank Act impact Banking, Mortgage, Home Builders, or the Real Estate industries? Where could you find opportunities with these changes? Will home builders or banking stocks move based on these changes? What changes will be made at the Federal Reserve? Will the elimination of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau have an impact on opportunities for profit? Cut backs in the Environmental Protections sector could open the door for many profit opportunities. Will Federal Land be opened for mineral, oil, timber and coal explorations? If Federal Medicaid funding is cut and the States must pick-up the bill, can you profit from this change?


The point is: Changes to your State or Federal laws can provide opportunities for you to profit, pay attention and act. It doesnít pay to get emotional about change, leave that for the politicians, and learn to profit from their actions.




Phillip Day, President

Academy of Financial Literacy, Inc


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