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Income Insurance?


During your wealth accumulating years, ages sixteen to sixty-five. One thing that is guaranteed during these years is change. Schools, jobs, cars, weddings, divorces, career changes, job losses, rent, mortgage. Several things that are constant is bills, expenses and change. During these years most people will experience several income losses, income reductions and hopefully many wage increases. How can a person or household protect themselves during their wealth accumulating years? Ask any insurance agent and they will always say you must have insurance. This is true but you canít insure everything, such as income, or can you? Something as important as income, wouldnít it be nice if you could have an income insurance policy? The finance industry always preaches to have a rainy day fund for emergencies, a savings account to cover expenses. They say three to six months of expenses. Most American household have only a vague idea what their monthly expenses are, but ask them their income and most can tell you their income. At Academy of Financial Literacy it has always been our foundation to make things simple to increase the odds of success. The finance industry still teaches and gives the same old advice they have for decades, advice that seldom works but they keep giving it anyway. We believe in educating people with time proven methods of ways to succeed with their money using a different approach, a simpler approach like basing your Emergency fund on Income, not expenses, this has always made more sense to us, and to most people we educate, they get it even if the finance industry doesnít. Our belief that is simple is repeatable. We believe people grasp ideas that are simple. For this reason we increase their odds for financial success. For this reason we teach people to insure their income by basing their emergency fund on six-monthís gross-income as a seven year goal. This is taking a balanced approach and using this formula usually will come out to about 10% of oneís gross income being saved each month. A good spot for this Emergency fund, or your income insurance fund is in a higher interest, FDIC savings account linked to your checking account. There are many of these higher interest savings accounts online, many are the largest savings accounts in the world. They have little to no fees with no minimum and they are very liquid. You donít want this money in an investment or an investment account such as an IRA, 401k, or TSP. I donít care what the so-called financial talking heads on the TV or radio say, they are wrong. Donít put your Emergency money into any of these investment accounts for the obvious reasons of not being insured, your money could be down in value when needed and fees and delay for access to these funds. We always say, if youíre not putting a dime into an Emergency fund you should not be putting into your self-directed retirement accounts, such as an IRA, TSP or 401k. Your Emergency fund protects you during your fifty years of wealth accumulation, your retirement accounts do not! One of my favorite sayings is ďWithout a proper Emergency fund you are a walking bankruptcyĒ So, how do you insure your income? With a proper Emergency savings account that is liquid in an FCIC high interest savings account with a long-term goal (seven years) to save six months gross income. Make sure itís insured in an FDIC savings account growing a higher interest. Several basics that will help your financial success. Keep things repeatable by keeping them simple, thatís a recipe for success. Protect yourself and your family by implementing sound financial ideas that make sense and stop using old ideas that seldom work.


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