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Investing, Savings, what do these words mean to you? We want you to separate the two, put a large barrier between them. Investing is for your future, savings is liquid and available for immediate use. So what’s the big deal, why separate the two? Simple, because thousands each year believe their retirement investment account is also their emergency savings account, wrong! You must not co-mingle the two. We wouldn’t make such a big deal of this if we believed most people understood this.

Being mission ready sounds simple enough; yet everyday financial counselors are attempting to help service-members who own two, or three so-called “investment” houses, which by the way may be vacant, underwater and about to go into foreclosure. Do you think the service-members total focus is on their military career or the fact their finances are a total wreck? Don’t even roll your eyes; this very scenario has devastated tens of thousands of service-members, many who purchased a primary residence as a so-called investment. Let’s be perfectly clear, a single family brick and mortar residence should not be purchased as an “investment”, period! If you want to be in the military and invest in brick and mortar real estate, please do yourself and your country a favor, don’t. If you want to invest in real estate, learn the right way to do this, in REITS. If you don’t know what a REIT is then you need to learn. If you want to learn the correct way to purchase a home in the military; please read our section on Buying a House.

Retirement investing for service-members should be kept simple, as your primary focus should be, “Mission Ready”. Leave becoming the next Donald Trump to the next person who wants to file for bankruptcy, at least while you’re in the military.

Retirement Investment Plans Recommended for Service-Members:
  • Thrift Savings Plan, the TSP is a great choice and should be your #1 to get started.
  • IRAs, a Roth IRA is a good choice after you have started your TSP.
  • 401 (k) and most all Defined Benefit Contribution Plans for military spouses who are W-2 employees.

Retirement Investment Plans Not Recommended for Service-Members:
  • Brick and mortar real estate, or raw-undeveloped land, which may be highly leveraged with potential for great loss. An untimely PCS, or deployment can upset the household finances quickly. A bankruptcy do to an unpaid second mortgage after a short-sale or foreclosure because of a “recourse” debt could have a significant impact on a security clearance review. Not worth the risk when there are too many better options offering lower risk, and historically better returns.
  • Multi Level Marketing (MLM) Schemes, some make claims to provide compounding interest on your invested money. In most MLMs you seldom getback what you put in, once you add your time and lost friends into the equation.
  • Natural-Gas wells, plain and simple, stay away. This industry is notorious for illegal sales tactics and making false claims of high returns.
  • Initial Public Stock Offerings (IPO), the cold call comes in telling you about the deal of a lifetime. Simple, don’t do it, stay away from anyone calling and telling you about a great deal. If it was that great of a deal they wouldn’t need to call you, people would be beating their doors down.

We are here to motivate and influence you with our education materials and years of experience. Our opinions have been formed from counseling thousands of households and years of investing in everything available ourselves. We have no vested interest in you agreeing or disagreeing with anything we write. We hope you will use our information and education materials to succeed with your own retirement investments, and then teach others.

Like I always say: “It’s simple to become a millionaire but not easy”,
President, Phillip E. Day


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Buying a Vehicle

Buying a House


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