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Default Timeout is: 120

Please answer all questions below. At the end of the test, hit the submit button to find out how you did.

1A person that manages to maintain a great credit score maybe considered as this by lenders and others?

2If you choose to not maintain a good credit score you may pay more for this?

3Which of these first developed the credit score?

4Which of these can happen if you chose to live a cash only life style?

5The insurance industry did a study that proved which of these statistics

6Most credit scoring models will use a statistical formula to judge you against which of these?

7Which of these is the most commonly used credit score model by most financial institutions?

8Using which of these in concert with a written budget may help maintain, or rebuild your credit score?

9Which of these is a correct FICO Score range?

10Which of these is correct concerning a married couple’s credit reports and scores?

11The [Payment History] category is what percentage of your FICO credit score?

12The [How Much You Owe] category is what percentage of your FICO credit score?

13The [length of Credit History] category is what percentage of your FICO credit score?

14The [New Credit] category is what percentage of your Fico credit score?

15Which of these is true concerning your credit score at the three major credit reporting bureaus?

16Which of these is correct concerning your credit score?

17According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) which of these websites is the only website approved by the federal government to get free credit reports from?

18Which of these reasons will not allow you to receive a free credit report?

19Most public records will stay on your credit report how many years?

20According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act a Chapter 13 bankruptcy can stay on your credit report for how many years?

21According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act a Chapter 7 bankruptcy can stay on your credit report for how many years?

22The Fair Credit Reporting Act states that (X) number of days is the amount of time it should take to resolve any disputed data on your credit report.

23It is recommended to use which method to dispute inaccurate data on your credit report?

24Which of these Federal consumer Acts specifically deals with debt collection agencies?

25According to the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA) you can stop harassing phone calls from a debt collection agency by doing what?

26Which of these is a debt collection agency not supposed to do according to the (FDCPA)?

27Which of these can be a useful tool when dealing with a debt collection agency?

28Which of these is not true about debt and your credit report?

29Which of these is true about Credit Counseling and your credit score?

30Why is using a Debt Settlement company not recommended?

31Consumer Credit counseling companies will usually proved this for free?

32The credit bureaus will always inform you when this happens?

33A free Fraud Alert with the credit bureaus will last for how many days?

34According to the Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act you must do this to help prove a case of identity theft has occurred?

35This is a term used when you request all documents pertaining to an account where payment is being requested by a creditor or debt collector?

36If your identity is stolen and you fail to prove your innocence or ignore the problem, who will be responsible for paying the debts?

37What percentage of identity theft is from friends, family and acquaintances?

38Using which of these may provide less safety of protecting your identity?

39According to Federal limits of liability protection, which one of these provides a better level of protection?

40Statistics show what percentage of credit reports will have errors?

41When reading your credit report which of these is correct about past due payments?

42Which of these will allow you to receive a free credit report?

43Which of these is not a part of your credit score?

44A newly posted 30 day late notice on your credit report could possibly drop your credit score how many points?

45When you co-sign a financial contract for someone what can happen?

46Which of these is correct about checking your credit score?

47Which of these has the highest percentage impact on your credit score?

48How many free credit reports can you receive each year?

49Which of these federal consumer acts specifically deals with your credit report and score?

50Which of these federal consumer acts implemented free credit reports?

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