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Please answer all questions below. At the end of the test, hit the submit button to find out how you did.

1Your core values will tell people a lot about you and your?

2Which of these best describes a person with strong family values?

3What type of attitude should you have towards your responsibilities?

4With success comes great responsibility. Many people fear success and will do this just as they are about to succeed?

5Which of these should you embrace and learn to accept?

6When first starting your career you were excited and had these?

7Which of these statements is more accurate about corporate jobs?

8Which of these is your company more concerned with?

9Most everyone has this, even if they have not discovered it yet, what is it?

10Using which of the listed processes may help you set and achieve goals?

11Your goals must make you feel this, in order to achieve them?

12Each goal should have which of these?

13Which of these best describes a short-term goal?

14Making sacrifices for goals achievement will require what?

15What is a good example of a financial sacrifice that will help achieve your savings goals?

16When you’re stuck or losing focus on your goals, this may help get back on track?

17When starting a budget this will be your starting point and should be in writing?

18A financial budget is what?

19We also call a budget this?

20A budget can help you plan which of these?

21Which of these will not happen when you start using a monthly budget?

22When using a monthly budget you must make which of these lifestyle changes?

23An example of a “fixed expense” for a monthly budget would be?

24An example of a “flexible expense” for a monthly budget would be?

25Which of these is considered a “need” for the household?

26Which of these is not considered a “want” for the household?

27Using “our” General Guideline percentage rules, your monthly transportation costs should not exceed what percentage of your income?

28When cashing your paycheck at the bank, you will receive which of these?

29Which of these can be considered a financial family legacy?

30We consider this the number one reason American households struggle with their finances?

31This is one of the main reasons for developing a budget (spending plan)?

32Which is more important?

33Which of these best describes a “Revolving Savings” account?

34Why do we recommend the Revolving Savings account be your first savings account in place?

35Which of these is the recommended approach to building savings accounts?

36What is the general rule of thumb for the size of an emergency savings, but each household will have different needs and this is just a basic rule?

37Your emergency savings account should be invested in what?

38It would be wise to have your emergency savings in an account that is?

39Which is the correct order of priority for savings account? Remember a balanced approach is recommended, this will allow you to contribute to several at a time

40Your emergency savings should not be too large because of this?

41With a high interest checking account (4 - 5%), what will happen if you don’t meet the monthly requirements?

42Which best describes most retirement type investing/savings accounts?

43What is the common age most people can withdraw funds from a (tax-qualified) retirement account and not be penalized for early withdrawal?

44By starting your retirement savings/investing accounts at a young age, you have what advantage over starting later?

45Debt shouldn’t be thought of as “good” debt, or “bad” debt, instead thought of which of these?

46A debt-snowball is used for what purpose?

47Which of these is not a warning sign of too much debt?

48The Fair Debt Collections Practices Act applies to what industry?

49Debt collectors can not do which of the following

50A debt collector can do which of these?

51If a debt collection agency violates Federal or State consumer laws, who should be notified?

52If you chose to ignore a court summons for a debt what could happen?

53Which of these would be the better choice and reason for using a credit card?

54Which of these has the best federal limit of liability protection?

55What credit card payment method is recommended for a pre-planned trip or purchase?

56How many days after receiving your credit card invoice do you have to dispute a purchase?

57What could be your maximum loss based on the federal limit of liability for a lost or stolen credit card?

58After 60 days what could be your maximum loss based on the federal limit of liability for a lost or stolen debit card?

59What are the recommended uses for a credit card?

60Which of these is recommended with helping you pay-off your credit card debt?

61Using which of these in many cases, will do more damage than good, in our opinion?

62Why are debt consolidation loans not recommended for credit card debts?

63A Debt Settlement plan can do which of these?

64What percentage of households will be back into unmanageable debt within two years after doing a debt consolidation loan?

65Consequences of paying late: What may happen after 270 days of default of a federal student loan?

66How many days do you have to dispute a credit card bill after receiving the invoice?

67A person that manages to maintain a great credit score maybe considered as this by lenders and others?

68Which of these can happen if you chose to live a cash only life style?

69The insurance industry did a study that proved which of these statistics

70Using which of these in concert with a written budget may help maintain, or rebuild your credit score?

71Which of these is a correct FICO Score range?

72Which of this is correct concerning a married couple’s credit reports and scores?

73The [Payment History] category is what percentage of your FICO credit score?

74The [How Much You Owe] category is what percentage of your FICO credit score?

75The [length of Credit History] category is what percentage of your FICO credit score?

76The [New Credit] category is what percentage of your Fico credit score?

77Which of these is true concerning your credit score at the three major credit reporting bureaus?

78Which of these is correct concerning your credit score?

79According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) which of these websites is the only website approved by the federal government to get free credit reports from?

80Most public records will stay on your credit report how many years?

81According to the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA) you can stop harassing phone calls from a debt collection agency by doing what?

82Which of these is a debt collection agency not supposed to do according to the (FDCPA)?

83Which of these can be a useful tool when dealing with a debt collection agency?

84Which of these is true about Credit Counseling and your credit score?

85Why is using a Debt Settlement company not recommended?

86According to the Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act you must do this to help prove a case of identity theft has occurred?

87If your identity is stolen and you fail to prove your innocence or ignore the problem, who will be responsible for paying the debts?

88What percentage of identity theft is from friends, family and acquaintances?

89According to Federal limits of consumer liability in a loss or theft, which one of these provides a better level of protection?

90When you co-sign a financial contract for someone what can happen?

91Which statement best describes Mutual Funds?

92REIT, which of these is correct

93Which of these offers lower fees and more flexibility to trade?

94Which best describes diversifying your investment money?

95What is one important “key” discipline of investing that helps you preserve capital (your money)?

96What is a common saying about greedy investors and the equity Markets?

97Which of these best describes “dollar cost averaging”?

98Which of these is considered to have the highest investment risk?

99This type of investment is usually purchased using leverage, more so than the others?

100In a Multi Level Marketing business who are the only people truly making money?

101Because of this, your investment gain, or loss in real estate will be magnified?

102Which of these would provide the greatest opportunity to achieve retirement savings goals; so at the age of 65 you may have the choice to work, or not?

103What is our investing “Golden Rule”?

104A thirty year old person who plans to retire at 65, which of these would be considered the riskiest financial plan for their financial future?

105How much money will it take to retire?

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