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Academy of Financial Literacy believes people learn when tested. Each of our books has a matching test, which is designed to cover the curriculum in the book The material in our books is based on our financial opinions, which come from many years of experience and research.

Our financial education is not the same old stuff that most everyone teaches. We will introduce you to new financial strategies and offer new ideas, not used by other financial professionals. The topics of savings, managing debt, and budgeting have been taught for centuries, but times have changed, and using the same old stuff doesn’t work. Learn the proper savings accounts to have in place, and why the ageless teaching that, “debt is either bad or good debt,” is wrong. Learn a new way of thinking about debt. Many so-called financial professionals believe your transportation costs can be up to 25% of your income. This is just one example of many financial theories that are misguided. In many cases, these misguided theories can do more harm than good. Let us teachyou a new way of thinking about your finances.

If we shed any negative light on a particular industry, understand it may not be a true reflection of that entire industry, but is based on our many years of experience, research, and information gathered. We hope our books and tests will enlighten and educate everyone on the basics of personal finance.

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